Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sickness.....Go away!

This year.....we have definitely had our Fair share of sickness. I had Strep the end of November of 2012 and then again the first of January. I swear if I get strep one more time, I am getting my tonsils out!  Jaci also had Strep sometime this year, and also had a small ear infection, not enough to be on antibiotics.  She also had the stomach bug twice and so did I.  Blake also go the stomach bug, and we were just getting over that this last weekend.  Can I tell you, that I am done with this and I just need it get to get warm so I can send my kids out to play and be healthy!!  The only one that has kept Marissa. You would think she would be the one getting sick a lot since she is so small and petite....WRONG.  She is my healthy one.  She had a small cold this year, but that is it.  she never gets sick.  Oh, I take that back, she did throw up in my car one morning, but she was fine after that and was fine the rest of the day, but I still kept her home.

By the way....things to always have in your car: bucket of some sort.....just in case someone needs to vomit on spur of the moment and keep it close by. clean up a mess.  Extra pain of clothes, just in case something happens and you needs an extra pair of clothes. Always have shoes on when traveling and make sure your kids have their shoes on at all times.  AN emergency light up stick...just in case you get stuck somewhere!!  Band-aids......because you will always need one!  Gum, pen or pencil, hand sanitizer and lotion.....and maybe some spare cash in your car hiding somewhere (don't tell your husband or else me might use it)!!! also a case you get cold! Just something that we all might need in our cars, because you never know!


SO, just recently.....Marissa is into vampire's.  The last two weeks, she has brought home from the School Library "Vampire" Books.  Don't ask me why?  I just think it is funny.  Jaci and her pretend they are vampires when they play also and say, "I am going to suck your blood".  Hopefully this is  just a phase and they will get over it.  And, NO they have not watched the Twilight movies.  That is just for me!!! 

Marissa, Is learning a lot in school and is accelerating very well.  She is reading great and is reading Junie B Jones Books. She has learned all her Phonograms which I think has really helped her to spell.  She is a better speller than Blake.  They have hard words in 1st grade for Spelling.  I am amazed and what she can spell. She does well.  She struggles a little in math, but still does well.  She is very social and loves to play outside with her friends and talk about each of them!  She usually comes home with only eaten 1/2 her lunch because she talks too much! 

Blake is really doing great in school.  he says that it is too hard and he doesn't like it, but really.....dep down inside...he does.  he has been enjoying Science.  His math....he does well. He is in a 4th grade math class that he is learning how to do geometry shapes and long division and metric's.  Things I don't do, but we sit down every night and go over his assignment so I am learning with him.  They have 30 problems that they do each day.  He has a great Math teacher and is very good to him!  His Home Room teacher has been great also! She has done some fun stuff with them this year!  He has learned about the Ancient Romans and the Roman Gods. He also just finished reading the "Hunger Games", by himself.  Weather he totally understood it all or not......but at least he is reading and enjoying it at times.    He is also coming along with his Scouts! He has earned all his requirements and is working on his arrow's and belt loops.  We are proud of Blake and for all the good choices he makes.  He has good friends and he is a wonderful example to his siblings and cousins!!

Jaci......she has been hanging out with me this year. She will start Kindergarten in the Fall.  She is excited.  We have been working on writing her name, shapes, numbers and letters....and i think she is ready!  She is one smart cookie and I have enjoyed having her around with me. I don't know what I will do when I have all my kids leave me. I am not sure I am ready for it quite yet!!!  We are still trying to get her to eat Fruit.  She keeps telling me that when she turns "6", she will,  so we will hold that to her!!

Spring Break Activities 2013

 It is fun to go to the zoo with Cousins, especially when your sister has a pass and you only have to spend $7.00 into getting in, because she can get some of you in for Free! 
 The Elephants are always fun!
 Grandma Jenny and Jaci looking at the Elephants!
 Aunt Julie's kids and cousin Parker!
 Jaci and Blake with the Giraffe's! 
 Marissa and Taryn with the Monkey's!

 Posing for a Picture!
 The round ball that turns with water...but no water yet!!
We are so glad we had at least one good day to go to the Zoo while we were on Spring Break! We had Spring Break the first week of April.  It was rainy and cold a lot of the day's but we had a good day to go and it was fun to go with cousins!  Thanks for coming with us!!

Happy Easter 2013

These posts are not in any particular order, so forgive me. I know I have not posted for a while, but here we go for the New year!!

We had a fabulous Easter this year.  We celebrated with Tony's Family the Friday Before.  All the kids got some fun stuff and as a family we got the movie "Rise of the Guardian's"!  If you have not seen it, it is very cute!  Then on Saturday, it was the Annual Green Clan Easter Hunt.  Can I tell you, my grandma does way too much. and she hid a ton of Easter Eggs with candy in them!  It is always fun for the great grand kids.  All of us Grand kids are married, except for 2, but there are a lot of Great -  Grand kids!!  We all bring food and hang out and talk!  Grateful it was good weather this year! We were crossing our fingers, and we got it! Not too cold and it was fun!  hope everyone else had a fun Easter!
                                                          (Most) of all the Great Grand kids!  There is a lot of them!

                                                                   It's fun to know your second cousins!
                                                   This is my Double aunt and her daughter and daughter in law!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Oh yes, I am lame and you can call me that! I know it is only Nov. 9, 2012 but Yes I did decide to put my Christmas Tree up today!  I thought that we would have a fun day since my kids were out of school, but no....we did not have a very good day.  I got all ready and got the kids all ready and we were out the door by 10:15. We had to buy a present for Marissa's friend for her Birthday Party that was later. We then had to go to the Grocery Store....2 might I add.  Taking 3 kids with you....really gets you in a bad mood. They were bugging each other and talking back to me and finally I had, had it! They were driving me crazy. So when we got home they sat at the table and thought about what they did wrong and then I made them do their homework. (what a mean mom I am)!  I at least wanted to do something to bright up my day so Jaci and I put up our Christmas Tree!  Blake was playing with a friend and Marissa was at a Birthday Party.  jaci kept telling me..."You know it's not Christmas yet, right?"  'I know, Jaci"!  It was fun to be with her! She had fun with me!
Here are some pictures!
 Jaci Put most of the Ornaments on herself!

Happy Halloween 2012

This was our first year Trick or Treating in our New neighborhood!  It was fun and actually a little warmer this year! not too shabby! Our ward does a "Trunk or Treat" and so we attended.  We had soup before hand and then the cars that wanted to got ready and the kids headed out. We actually had quite a few cars and it was fun to see all the kids dressed up and much of the adults also! We have never done a trunk or treat, but it was fun.  This you can see, Blake was a Hunter. Jaci was a Butterfly and always......a CAT!  They had fun going out with their friends! They got a lot of candy and I am glad it is almost gone! 
This year, I actually had to work upstairs in Pediatrics with Dr. Evan's. They always dress up and so this year they wanted to be Smurf's.  So of course.....I dressed up! Luckily I we were just in for the morning and I didn't have to wear it all day! It was fun and I am glad I worked that morning.
Here are some fun pictures from our fun Halloween 2012!
 This is at our Trunk or Treat! Blake with his friend!
 My girls and their Friends! jaci did not want to dress up! Little stinker that night!
 Here is the Pediatric Unit!  Us the "Smurf's!!
 Our tails!!!  Don't you love it!
 Tony trying to cut something out....didn't work too well!  He needs lessons from paige and Calt!
 My Little lady Bug!
 My precious Kitty Cat!
 My Big Man Hunter!
 My Three cute kids!
 Jaci and Miss B! They love to play together!

Jaci turns 5

Jaci, is our youngest child. She is 16 mos younger than Marissa and people often come up to me and ask if they are twins! Jaci is very strong willed. She is fun loving and loves to be around people and make friends! She often gives in to her sister and does what she say's. She was ans is super excited to be 5. She said when she turns 5 she will eat Strawberries and Raspberries and peas........that has yet to come. She is making progress on eating. Some day's are better than others. She already has gotten her Kindergarten shots so she is ready to go next year! She is way excited to go and wishes she could go now, but she still has some progress she needs to do.  Learn to write her name, eat better, know all her sounds (almost there). Marissa try's to teach her things that she needs to learn. Sometimes it works....sometimes not!  Jaci is 35# and is about 42 in. Her and Marissa right now weight the same....which is sad on Marissa's part! 
We are glad Jaci is in our family and she is very much loved!
This year was her first "Birthday Friend Party" so we decided to make it a "Princess" Party and invited the girls her age in the ward.  There are not a lot.....compared to marissa's age, but we had fun!  Here are some pictures to show from it! Jaci turned 5 on Sept 29th.  She shares her birthday with her Uncle Kyle!

 Jaci and all her friends!

 These are the Princess cupcakes that I made for her friend party
 Here is the "Barbie" "Princess" Cake that I attempted to make. It doesn't look as good as the ones my sister makes!

Jaci's Cousin's that came that night for her Family Party!