Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sickness.....Go away!

This year.....we have definitely had our Fair share of sickness. I had Strep the end of November of 2012 and then again the first of January. I swear if I get strep one more time, I am getting my tonsils out!  Jaci also had Strep sometime this year, and also had a small ear infection, not enough to be on antibiotics.  She also had the stomach bug twice and so did I.  Blake also go the stomach bug, and we were just getting over that this last weekend.  Can I tell you, that I am done with this and I just need it get to get warm so I can send my kids out to play and be healthy!!  The only one that has kept Marissa. You would think she would be the one getting sick a lot since she is so small and petite....WRONG.  She is my healthy one.  She had a small cold this year, but that is it.  she never gets sick.  Oh, I take that back, she did throw up in my car one morning, but she was fine after that and was fine the rest of the day, but I still kept her home.

By the way....things to always have in your car: bucket of some sort.....just in case someone needs to vomit on spur of the moment and keep it close by. clean up a mess.  Extra pain of clothes, just in case something happens and you needs an extra pair of clothes. Always have shoes on when traveling and make sure your kids have their shoes on at all times.  AN emergency light up stick...just in case you get stuck somewhere!!  Band-aids......because you will always need one!  Gum, pen or pencil, hand sanitizer and lotion.....and maybe some spare cash in your car hiding somewhere (don't tell your husband or else me might use it)!!! also a case you get cold! Just something that we all might need in our cars, because you never know!

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